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JSMART provides various CNC machine tool solutions for customers in various industries and scales, including aerospace, automotive manufacturing, medical and other fields, through exhibitions.
Through these exhibitions, you can learn about the effectiveness and performance of the CNC machine tools we provide, as well as the customer's evaluation of our products and services. At the same time, we are also committed to providing customers with customized solutions to meet their different needs and requirements.
Our goal is to continuously improve product quality and service level through continuous innovation and technological upgrading, and create greater value and benefits for customers. If you have any needs or questions about CNC machine tool solutions, please feel free to contact our professional team, and we will provide you with the best service.


DME China (Dongguan) Machine Tool Exhibition

Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo

SIA China (Fushan) Industrial Automation Expo

China (Chang An) International Machinery Hardware & Mould Industry Exhibition

China International Machine Tool Show

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Jhenjet Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is dedicated to R&D, manufacturing and application of high-quality CNC turning machine/turning & milling composite machine.
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