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  • Integrally formed rigid structure.
  • Add specific trace elements to improve stability.
  • 30-degree inclined bed.
  • Easy for chips removal, close-distance operation, and handling.

Servo Turret Series

  • Compact design, small size, high stability, and simple structure.
  • Servo motor drive design for fast two-way tool selection.
  • Extremely strong hydraulic locking force provided by three-piece clutch locking device.

BMT Driven Tool Turret Series

  • Achieve a quick tool change for a cycle (1# to 12# tools) within 8 seconds.
  • Have more stable tool locking mode, a repeatability of +/-0.002mm, and positioning accuracy of +/- 0.005mm.
  • Have a driven tool holder speed of up to 6,000 rpm, providing a better torque and machining efficiency.
  • Have a perfect U-shaped design to make center of gravity more concentrated and realize higher stability and higher precision.
  • Have a dual-motor design to realize fast two-way tool selection and forward and backward machining.
  • Adopt three-piece clutch locking device to provide extremely strong hydraulic locking force.

Jhenjet Turret

  • It adopts BMT driven tool turret which is produced by Jhenjet Intelligent, which high stability, providing customers with the best cost-effective choice. The combination of the servo moto for turret tool replacement and the hydraulic lock can realize fast two-way tool selection.

CNC system

  • The Mitsubishi system is the best choice to provide you with stable multi-axis combined machining, and it can optimize your product process while ensuring better product consistency, improving your machining efficiency.
  • Meanwhile, its after-sales service is as timely and efficient as expected by Jhenjet Intelligent.


  • The spindle is supported by front three and rear two roller bearings to improve the rigidity of the spindle and reduce the runout of the spindle.
  • The spindle has a strong hydraulic clamping force to facilitate the replacement of collets and chucks.

Screw rod and guide rail

  • The screw pitch in X and Z directions is perfectly matched to create a more perfect appearance effect and an excellent rapid feeding.
  • The machine be is integrated cast high-rigidity bed with high precision and high stability, achieving sound chip removal and cleaning.
  • It adopts imported grade C2 ball screw rod, Grade P roller guide rail, and spindle support by front three and rear two bearings.

Hydraulic System

  • Korea or Japanese hydraulic system is adopted to improve equipment stability.
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