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Jhenjet Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is dedicated to R&D, manufacturing and application of high-quality CNC turning machine/turning & milling composite machine, make the production become more automatic and intelligent, and create most benefits for employees, customers, industries, and country.
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adjustable CNC Lathe Machine manufacturer
Mission & Vision
the certifications of CNC lathe machine manufacturer
  • OBM​​​​​​​
    Focus on field of CNC machine tools; specialize in CNC lathe & turning and milling machine.
  • R&D Center
    Independent development of various percision parts for machine tools and produce to replace imported parts.
  • Certification
    Grated 2018 & 2021 national high-tech enterprise certification, 10 national utility model patents, and 8 high-tech product certifications.​​​​​​​
  • Quality Control​​​​​​​
    We do quality control in each production process to make sure the precision and stability in each stage to further increase the efficiency.

CNC Precision Machinery

Focus on field of CNC machine tools; specialize in CNC lathe & turning and milling composite center

Processing Parts Of Custom CNC Lathe Machine

Jhenjet is the pioneer of complex parts complete processing industry. 
With the continuous development of machining technology, Jhenjet turning and milling machine has shown strong performance.

Industries & Solutions Of High Stability CNC Lathe

At JSMART, we provide CNC machine solutions for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive manufacturing, medical equipment, and more. Our customized solutions are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of each industry, helping customers achieve their manufacturing goals.
We offer a wide range of CNC machines, including milling machines, turning machines, drilling machines, and more, with advanced features and capabilities to improve production efficiency and quality. We also provide comprehensive support and services throughout the entire machine lifecycle, from installation and training to maintenance and repair.
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Precision and Artistry: CNC Turning Machines in Watchmaking
18 June 2024

In the world of watchmaking, precision and artistry go hand in hand, creating timepieces that are not only functional but also masterpieces of design. At the heart of this intricate process lies the CNC turning machine, a technological marvel that has revolutionized how watches are made.

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Mastering CNC Machining: A Comprehensive Guide
10 June 2024

This guide delves into the essentials of CNC machining, covering workpiece clamping, tool setting, and cutting path optimization. Emphasizing reference uniformity, it advises minimizing re-clamping and avoiding manual adjustments to enhance efficiency and precision. It highlights the importance of choosing reliable tool setting points and outlines strategies for determining recoverable positions. Additionally, it explores cutting path selection, advocating for efficient, accuracy-focused strategies that reduce idle movements and ensure surface quality. This comprehensive analysis aims to improve machining processes by blending practical insights with technical rigor, catering to both novices and seasoned professionals.

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The Impact of CNC Turning on Automotive Innovation and Performance
01 June 2024

CNC turning machines have revolutionized the automotive industry by enabling the production of precise, complex parts, significantly enhancing vehicle performance and innovation. These machines streamline manufacturing, reduce costs, and allow for rapid prototyping, thus accelerating the design process and fostering new advancements in automotive engineering. Additionally, their precision reduces material waste and contributes to more sustainable production practices, directly impacting vehicle efficiency and reducing emissions. As a cornerstone of automotive manufacturing, CNC turning machines continue to drive forward the industry's evolution towards more innovative, efficient, and sustainable vehicles.

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We always believe in and pursue the core value of "Excellent Design, High Quality and Considerate Services" of Jhenjet Intelligent. Every high quality product is based on an excellent design and will create more value to customers together with value-added service.


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Jhenjet Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is dedicated to R&D, manufacturing and application of high-quality CNC turning machine/turning & milling composite machine.
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