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Machine Tool ModelJLM-106JLM-108JLM-110JLM-506JLM-508JLM-510JLM-1010




Max. swing diameter over bedmm∅400∅400∅400∅600∅600∅600∅650∅650
Max. swing diameter over camiagemm∅350∅350∅350∅350∅350∅350∅370∅370
Max. turning diametermm∅500∅500∅500∅500∅500∅500∅650∅650
Interference diameter of adjacent tool machiningmm∅230∅230∅230∅230∅230∅230∅230∅230
Max. machining lengthmm37035033056054052010701050
Max. stroke of Z axismm37037037057057057010801080
Max. stroke of X axismm260260260260260260350350
Motor power of Z1 axisKw2.22.22.233333
Motor power of Z2 axisKw--
Motor power of X axisKw2.
Rapid traverse of X / Z1 / Z2 axism/min2525252525252525
Main-SpindleSpindle nose-A2-5A2-6A2-8A2-5A2-6A2-8A2-8A2-8
Spindle diametermm∅170∅200∅230∅170∅200∅230∅230∅230
Bar specification (Standard/Optional)mm∅45∅52(∅65)∅75(∅90)∅45∅52(∅65∅75(∅90)∅75(∅90)∅75(∅90)
Supporting chuckinch6"8"10"6"8"10"10"12"
Motor power (continuous / 30min)Kw5.5/7.57.5/1111/155.5/7.57.5/1111/1511/1511/15
Max. speedrpm1500/60001500/42001500/38001500/60001500/42001500/38001500/38001500/3800
spindle motor torque (rate/max)Nm35/47.747.7/7070/95.535/47.747.7/7070/95.570/95.570/95.5
spindle motor current (continous/30min)A32/4846/6461/7132/4846/6461/7161/7161/71
C-axis resolution1/n1024/327681024/327681024/327681024/327681024/327681024/327681024/327681024/32768
Control system
--Mitsubishi M80BMitsubishi M80BMitsubishi M80BMitsubishi M80BMitsubishi M80BMitsubishi M80BMitsubishi M80BMitsubishi M80B

Interface Spec.--
Center heightmm100100100100100100100100
Cutter diametermm330330330330330330330330
Numbers of toolspcs1212121212121212
Shank diameter of square tool holdermm2525252525252525
Shank diameter of boring tool holdermm4040404040404040
Numbers of driven toolspcs1212121212121212
Driven tool lock-ER25ER25ER25ER25ER25ER25ER25ER25
Driven power of driven tool motorKw3.
Max. Torque of power tool motorNm2020202020202020
Max. speed of driven tool motorrpm60006000600060006000600060006000
TailstockDistance between centersmm37035033058056054010801060
Drive Mode--------Programmable hydraulic pressureProgrammable hydraulic pressureProgrammable hydraulic pressureDriven by ServoDriven by Servo
Center interfacemk------4#4#4#5#5#
Appearance/WeightMachine tool appearancemm2360*1840*19002360*1840*19002360*1840*19002660*1940*1900
Machine tool weight Kgkg39004000410047004800490073507400

JLM series is the type of general-purpose machine, which equipped with high-rigidity bed and roller linear guide rail, combined with the advantages of heavy cutting and fast travel, and fixed with standard hydraulic tailstock under programmable control, so it can meet the machining demand of customers to the greatest extent.

JLM-1 series adopts the compact design concept, especially for machining shorter parts, to provide customers lathe with high cost-effectiveness.

JLM-5 series is specially designed for machining long part. The effective machining length in Z axis is 500mm, and the outer diameter taper of machined product at the maximum stroke is less than 0.008mm, which is much excellent than the industry standard and national standard.

JLM-10 series machine is designed to have a slant bed and a saddle with large span, achieving better rigidity and stable cutting performance.

with a large swing over bed and an effective machining length of more than 1,000 mm, both long-axial and disc parts can be machined by this series machine.

The machine is equipped with standard MT5 servo tailstock, with high precision and fast speed. It is also optionally provided with a variety of optional accessories, such as steady center rest and servo follow rest, which can provide more machining solutions for customers.


Integrally formed rigid structure

Add specific trace elements to improve stability

30-degree inclined bed

Easy for chips removal, close-distance operation, and handling

Servo Turret Series

Compact design, small size, high stability, and simple structure.

Servo motor drive design for fast two-way tool selection.

Extremely strong hydraulic locking force provided by three-piece clutch locking device.

CNC system

The Mitsubishi system is the best choice to provide you with stable multi-axis combined machining, and it can optimize your product process while ensuring better product consistency, improving your machining efficiency.

Meanwhile, its after-sales service is as timely and efficient as expected by Jhenjet Intelligent.


The spindle is supported by front three and rear two roller bearings to improve the rigidity of the spindle and reduce the runout of the spindle.

The spindle has a strong hydraulic clamping force to facilitate the replacement of collets and chucks.

Screw rod and guide rail

The screw pitch in X and Z directions is perfectly matched to create a more perfect appearance effect and an excellent rapid feeding.

The machine be is integrated cast high-rigidity bed with high precision and high stability, achieving sound chip removal and cleaning.

It adopts imported grade C2 ball screw rod, Grade P roller guide rail, and spindle support by front three and rear two bearings.

Hydraulic System

Korea or Japanese hydraulic system is adopted to improve equipment stability.

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